How to Style your Bedroom

May 20, 2016

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The bedroom says a lot about the owner as it is the most personalized room in the house. The bedroom is the owner’s domain yet many people assume that it is the easiest room to decorate yet the opposite is true. This difficult is brought about by the owner wanting to fill it with everything they need and they love in one room. When faced with such a dilemma, you can easily turn your bedroom into a place dreams are made of with the following décor tips.


Always start with the wall before tackling anything else. If you are not comfortable with the current colour, feel free to shop around for paint and pick a colour that will suit your theme. You can paint different colours on your walls. For smaller bedrooms, choose one colour for the walls and white for the ceiling as this will make your room look much bigger. White walls is also the best colour to pick if unsure about other colours. It is easier to play around with different themes if you have white walls. If the wall look to wide and empty, you can always decorate the by hanging up pictures, posters or artwork.


There a numerous bed designs out there that you can choose from. Always consider both the size of bedroom and the bed itself as you shop for a bed. If you choose a bed with a pretty frame, enjoy its beauty by keeping it exposed. For such a bed, always ensure that there is nothing stored beneath the bed as it may make the room seem cluttered. If you have a small bedroom and you need to store items beneath the bed, you should consider getting a bedskirt as a camouflage. When picking beddings, remember to pick items that are in line with your theme. The same can be said when choosing throw pillows and other accessories.

Bedside Table

Some beds come with their own bedside tables but you could also choose to buy it separately. Most people need a bedside table as this is where you place things you need at easy reach. These items could include your mobile phone, alarm clock, eye glasses, bedside lamps and even bedtime books. The bedside table does not necessarily need to match with the bed, but it should coordinate with it.

Dresser or Drawer Chest

Not everyone choose to have this in the bedroom, but this is where most people flaunt their personality. If you have a dresser, it is good to place a mirror on top of it if it doesn’t have one. Mirrors tend to make the room look bigger than it is. Decorate the dresser by placing items that you use daily. This could include items like make-up, perfumes and jewellery. Other items that can be placed on the dresser are items that flaunt your personality.

The Closet or Wardrobe

Most modern houses have an inbuilt wardrobe or closets for clothes and shoes. For a simple and clean looking bedroom, you can opt to have a wardrobe that keeps your clothes or shoes enclosed behind a door or panels. If you do not mind displaying your clothes, then you can pick a wardrobe without doors. Ensure that all your clothes and shoes are tidy arranged if you choose to have an open wardrobe. A simple tip to keep in mind when dealing with an open plan wardrobe is to always pick the same or coordinating colours.

Once you have the basics, you can choose to add extras items like plants, chair(s) or writing desks in your bedroom. However, you should resist overcrowding your room. Everything should be placed strategically with enough room for you to manoeuvre with ease. If you have too many items in the bedroom, you should consider moving some to another room or sell what you do not need.


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