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March 23, 2016

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Quite a number of us tend to go into panic mode when we are faced with the idea of decorating our homes. The million and one questions that swim in our heads include; what to buy, colour to go for and how to arrange your stuff. All this can be unnerving, but this can be made easier by following these steps;

  • Identify the room focal point before you decorate. A focal point tends to be a distinguishing architectural feature which is also a room’s biggest feature like a window or a fireplace. In a nutshell, the focal point should be something that is interesting to look at. This can give you a guide of where you can place your furniture or accessories as they need to complement the room’s focal point. In absence of an architectural feature, you can choose to create your own focal point by using accessories like artwork, mirrors, bookshelves or TV stands.
  • Have your wall colours light and neutral. These walls makes it easier for you to be flexible when picking furniture and accessories. These should not mean that you need to stick to one piece of colour when choosing items for a room. You can pick several colours as long as you follow the simple rule of colour coordination. You can choose to mix and match items as long as they complement each other and the wall.
  • Visualize and recognise basic measurements. You do not have to rake your brain with the metric system. All you need to understand is the distance you need between furniture and other décor pieces. This could include the distance between a sofa and a coffee table or stool, the distance between hanging art or picture frames, and the distance between a chair and the TV stand. You will be amazed just how quickly you brain can pick up this measurements without the use of tape measures.
  • Use the Mirror trick. If a room looks a little dark, you should think of adding a mirror in the room to help brighten the room. You can place the mirror on the wall perpendicular to windows as this would help make the room seem brighter because the mirror would bounce the light across the room.

As you think of the above tips, always remember to avoid cluttering your space. Just because you have beautiful furniture or accessories does not mean that you have to force all of the items in the room. It is also good to have a free spot in the room as this can accent your furniture and accessories. Giving it the shine you are looking for.


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