Decorating Small Apartments

June 22, 2016

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Great things at times come in small packages, but most of the time we tend to fail to expose the darkened gem. Having a small apartment should not discourage you from turning it into an ideal home. What many people don’t realize is that they can easily turn their small apartment into an irresistible cosy home. The trick of decorating a small apartment is by finding a balance between functionality and style. You can do this by using the following tips;


Start with the wall. Pick softer hues like white, off-white and blue when painting the walls as they can easily turn cramped spaces look much bigger and brighter as they tend to maximize natural lights.

Use the mirror. Place the mirror opposite a window as this will help bounce the natural light around a room leaving the room seem more airy and cheerful.

Another tip to use when dealing with the walls buying curtain colours that match with your wall. This blend will help create an unbroken line which in turn will in turn make the room seem larger.


Scale down on your furniture. Pick furniture that suits the space as opposed to bulky items that end-up making the place looking squeezed. You could also look into getting clear looking or acrylic pieces when thinking of furniture as they give the room the impression of space as they tend to blend with the environment.

Opt for Floating Shelves for storage space. You could install this instead of buying items like television stands, book cases or dressers. This look not only make your home look unique but also create more room in the apartment.

Get Multipurpose Furniture. For example you can have a coffee stool that can double up as a seating stool, or have a sofa that can pull out into a bed. You could also have the option of picking furniture that have hidden or strategically placed storage spaces.

Place furniture away from the walls. Try this with you sofa as this makes the room look more open. Also make use of room corners. This is usually the most over looked area. Thinking of placing a corner bookshelf or placing a chair you can cosy up in and read your favourite book.


Pick accessories sparely. Too many can make the house look like a hoarder’s den while few accessories will not accent the apartment. For arte pieces, you could choose taller, oversized pieces of items as this will make the room look like it has elongated walls.

If you place has curtain rods, try and move the curtain rod a few inches below the ceiling instead of having it right below above the window frame. Doing this will draw the eyes upwards and give the window the illusion of being taller than it is. Hanging the rod a few inches a few inches past the sides of the panes will also expand the window’s width.

As you decorate your room, always priorities as this well help you choose both furniture and space allocation.  This will help you have a cosy home that works for your needs.


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